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Apr 08
METRO tests digital bus stop signs


If you're a regular bus rider, you may notice some cool upgrades we've done to some of our bus stops.

METRO is testing digital bus stop signs at 16 of its most popular bus stops and transit centers as part of a pilot project. The signs show which buses arrive and when.

"We know technological innovations can improve the rider experience and make our system easier to use. We're evaluating these devices in a number of areas, including performance, accuracy and feasibility," said Randy Frazier, METRO chief technology officer. "Ultimately, we want to find out what technology will serve our riders best."

Four manufacturers are demonstrating these digital signs. Each uses different technology to display next-bus DigitalBusStopSignage_Insert.jpgarrivals, alerts and possibly a METRO-related media or marketing message.

Most are battery-powered with solar cells to recharge the battery. Others are LED signs, while another uses e-paper, a Kindle-like sign, which uses a battery only when the sign is changed. One vendor has installed solar lighting around the stop to make it easier for riders to read the sign.  METRO will select a vendor to supply the agency with various sizes and types of digital bus stop signs.

During this pilot program, METRO will gather feedback from its customers. The study's findings and staff recommendations are expected to be presented to the METRO Board of Directors later this year.





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Considering the train depots provide this info, always wondered why this technology was not used at bus stops, too!  However, METRO should provide this info now not  only visually, but vocally, too!!! Same as at train depots.
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  • System Account
 on 4/20/2019 10:30 AM

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