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Sep 19
Making roads safer with public transit


If you ride METRO already, imagine taking two more public transit trips per month.

If you do, you can provide disproportionally larger traffic safety benefits. That's according to a recent study released by the American Public Transportation Association (APTA) and the Vision Zero Network.

The analysis, Public Transit is a Key Strategy in Advancing Vision Zero and Eliminating Traffic Fatalities, shows that public transit users who increase their trips from 20 a year to 40 a year can reduce traffic deaths by up to 40 percent.  

The study also revealed that public transportation is 10 times safer than traveling by car. When using commuter and intercity rail, it's 18 times safer than driving a car.

"It is essential that our elected leaders on all levels continue to provide strong investments in public transportation because of its extensive traffic safety benefits," said Paul P. Skoutelas, APTA president & CEO.

Here in the Houston area, 640 people die on the road every year – and 2,850 people are seriously injured. These grim stats make Houston the deadliest metro area for drivers, passengers and anyone using our roads, reports the Houston Chronicle.

This is one more reason why we should all use public transportation. We'll be making our roads safer. If you're not a regular transit user, try adding one public transit trip a month to your routine, and slowly add one more each month.

Not only will you find less stress and more savings in fuel and parking – you'll be doing your part to make our roads safer.





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