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Jul 31
"Minding the gap" and more rail safety tips


This is a guest post by Brent Taylor, a social media specialist at METRO.  

METRO's light rail can take passengers to many of the city's most in-demand destinations. It's always best, of course, to use some common sense when it comes to keeping yourself safe both at the station and on the rail vehicle. I recently took a quick trip on the 85 – Antoine/Washington from my office at Houston TranStar to catch the Red Line downtown. In my ride from Downtown Transit Center to Wheeler Station and back, I noticed passengers doing several things that could put them in a less-than-safe situation. Here are a few tips for trips on METRO's rail lines.

At the station

  • Stay behind the platform edge until the train has made a complete stop. It can be tempting to stick your head out to see how far away the train may be, but that's an easy way to lose balance and take a tumble.
  • Allow passengers who need accommodation to board the train first. It can take more time for these passengers to get situated, and nobody wants to be the reason the train is running behind.
  • STOP. SMOKING. AT. OUR. STATIONS. Forgive my rude disposition on this one, but there's a big, beautiful city where you can "light up." Put out your butts before entering the Fare Enforcement Zone.

On the rail vehicle

  • If you can't sit down, use the hand rails or triangular grab handles. When the train takes off, you may lose your balance and end up on the floor.
  • We love having cyclists on board, but make sure your bike is secure while riding the train. Don't simply lean it on the wall- keep your hands on it.
  • Listening to music is a great way to pass the time on the train. Keep one ear open, though, for important announcements from the overhead speaker.Brentmoji.jpg

It may not sound like rocket science, but following these simple steps can make your trip safer and more comfortable. You'll also be a better neighbor to the others riding with you. Have a great trip!


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