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Jul 11
When courtesy isn't common


 This is a guest post by Brent Taylor, a social media specialist at METRO.  

We've all been there – packed onto a crowded train when another passenger boards, selling incense or preaching about the end of days. It can make for an uncomfortable ride to your destination. But did you know that this behavior can lead to those passengers being banned from using our services?

METRO's Code of Conduct addresses several common nuisances for anybody on a METRO vehicle, property, or facility (yes, that includes bus stops). You may be surprised to learn that things like eating, drinking, and playing loud music are punishable offenses. We also encourage common courtesy, like allowing those in wheelchairs to board first or offering your seat to the elderly, infirmed, or those with small children.

If you see someone acting a fool, the best thing to do is alert a METRO employee. If riding the bus, speak with the operator. If on the rail, flag down an MPD officer or fare inspector at the next stop.

 Sometimes, you may not want to make a scene in front of the offender, so the MPD Connect app lets you speak with a liveBrentmoji.jpg MPD operator via text.  Letting us know is the best way to make the system safer, cleaner, and more convenient for everyone.


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