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Jun 26
Stay smart at rail crossings



This is a guest post by Brent Taylor, a social media specialist at METRO.

METRO's at-grade, light-rail system can present challenges for drivers who are not familiar with the city. As population rises and the roads become more crowded, it's important to be very aware of the proper procedures for driving on streets shared with light-rail vehicles.

At a recent METRO board meeting, safety officer Sean Cagan said that 60 to 65 percent of the collisions involving our trains are due to drivers making illegal turns or running stop lights. Even giving the rail dedicated lanes does not completely eliminate the danger.

In one case in May an SUV turned through the rail's lane, colliding with the vehicle.  It sounds simple, but looking both ways is still one of the best ways to prevent a crash.

METRO is doing our part to eliminate these collisions whenever possible. After hearing from a third-party safety assessment group, we have started several projects to improve the safety of many intersections. Along our rail lines, you may see new signs, pavement markings, and gates at various intersections. It's all designed to keep you safe and limit everyone's risk of an unfortunate collision.Brentmoji.jpg




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