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Mar 20
If Public Transit Is Cool and Fun


People are more likely to take public transit if they think it's cool and fun to use.

Several studies indicate that people choose to drive even when it's an irrational decision. A study from Australia in 2014 indicated saving time and money are not the main reasons people use cars. Instead, it's the perception that cars are more efficient when they are not. A 2013 study from Italy also found folks irrationally choose driving. Some of that choice is bound in cultural habit.

A study last year of transportation trends shows more than half of Americans who drive in cities do so due to the comfort factor, reports Mobility Lab.

But transit planners say that while rational reasons do not always drive the decisions of whether to take public transit or not, finding joy in public transit helps it compete against choosing to use cars.

"Joy might be the quickest way to erase the persistent stigma of getting around without a car," says transit planner Darrin Nordahl, author of "Making Transit Fun!"

The city of London is taking that to heart. Artist Bruno Taylor modified bus stops and installed swings to cheer up busy commuters. Instead of simply sitting on a bench waiting for a bus, one can climb on a swing set and play.

So, tell us what you think. Would you be inclined to use more public transit if you thought it were fun to take? How can we make METRO fun and cool to use?




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I will have to think about a way to make the transit system fun and cool for a minute. I will say that it would be more comfortable on buses if there were some type of air fresheners on the buses. When there are crowded buses whether in the summertime or the winter, not everyone practices good hygiene and somethings the unpleasant odor can be overwhelming.

Also, If Metro personnel would clean the buses inside periodically of trash and liquid, sticky wastes left behind by uncaring riders if would be nice. I know that people are not always practicing what the signs on the bus state about not eating on the bus and at times the buses are very trashy inside.
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 on 3/26/2018 3:27 PM

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