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Feb 27
How METRO Ropes the Rodeo



Every year like clockwork, METRO prepares to transport thousands of riders to the world's largest rodeo. And we do it for about three consecutive weeks. This year, the rodeo opens officially today and runs through March18.

Almost every department is involved in pulling of this annual event seamlessly. Here's a snapshot of some behind-the-scenes work…by the numbers.

67: Buses assigned to shuttles on weekdays

94: Buses assigned to weekend shuttles

2: METROLift buses at each Park & Ride

2:  Service (and training) supervisors at each Park & Ride

3: Service supervisors to manage the clearing buses in the Knight Road/Holly Hall staging area


4: K-9 officers working the rodeo scene

689: Hours assigned to MPD officers

25: MPD officers and fare inspectors assigned to rodeo


380,000: Passengers who rode the rail to the rodeo last year

11: Number of staffers operating the parking booth every day at Fannin South Transit Center

35,000: Tickets expected to sell this year

1,455: Parking spaces at Fannin South which sometimes sell out twice a day


35,000: Flyers produced 

125: Rail posters

40: Park & Ride posters

35: Park & Ride banners

15: Fannin South Transit Center posters promoting "Ride to the Rodeo"

300: Retail flyers 

14: Banners at METRO's activation booth at NRG with Discovery bus





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