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Jan 29
Warnings to Drivers of Illegal Turns



Attention, drivers.

If you're accustomed to turning left illegally in lanes shared by our light-rail trains, beware.

METRO police officers are stationed at Dryden Road and Fannin Street, a crowded intersection in the Texas Medical Center. More than 60 percent of car-train collisions occur at this intersection.

So, for the past few weeks, MPD has been stopping drivers with a warning: Don't make illegal turns. Starting on Thursday, Feb. 1, METRO police will begin issuing traffic fines of up to $200 for illegal left turns.

METRO is doing this "to ensure safety for pedestrians and avoid vehicular accidents," said MPD Chief Vera Bumpers.

The legal left-turn lane is marked by orange-and-white traffic sticks and signs, telling drivers what they can do at the intersection. But some drivers are still doing it wrong.

"As spring weather approaches, MPD encourages citizens to be cognizant of their surroundings while walking, cycling or driving," said Bumpers. "Exercise caution and safety near the rail line and at all intersections."

Be safe out there – and don't turn left unless the signs clearly say it's OK. Otherwise, be prepared to pay up to $200.



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