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Write on METRO

Jan 23
Stop, Look and Listen


Our light-rail trains travel along the streets at the same grade level as vehicles and pedestrians. 

The trains are whisper-soft as they glide along. They also weigh 100,000 pounds empty.  

So, it's important to remember to pay attention when you are walking near a train, a track or a platform.  Stop looking at your phone, unplug from your earbuds and be mindful of your environment.

Never, ever try to beat a train and run across a track. It's against the law to walk along light-rail tracks. Pedestrians, motorists and bicyclists must cross only at designated crossings.

At the rail stations, keep in mind that trains can travel on any track from any direction. Don't assume you know when or where a train will stop.

On the station platform, stand behind the yellow line with bumps. Wait for passengers to exit before boarding – and don't keep the doors open with your arms or legs. The next train comes in about six minutes on weekdays.


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