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Sep 20
METRO Helps Restore Normalcy

While evacuees were living at make-shift shelters at the GRB and NRG, METRO was running shuttles every hour on the hour to Target, Walmart and the Workforce Solutions. 
Frank Gonzalez, street supervisor, worked two weeks straight with no time off, coordinating the effort. “We tried to keep it steady because they would always be coming out - four or five people - who needed to go to these places. The bus would wait five minutes and then roll,” said Gonzalez, whose own house was flooded with 18 inches of water. 
METRO President & CEO Tom Lambert told a community group in southwest Houston last week that transporting folks to Fiesta and church on Sundays was something the agency wanted to do. 
“Giving folks a piece of normal, everyday life is essential to recovery,” Lambert said, according to Southwest News. “Things like going to church and seeing your friends and neighbors, or going to the grocery store, are the small comforts in life that are so important to someone who has gone through the traumatic experience of losing their home.”
During Hurricane Harvey, METRO transported more than 10,000 area residents to shelters and helped emergency relief organizations carry supplies.
A crisis like Harvey shows how important it is to plan for transportation of the future. “Transit is mobility, and mobility is life,” said Lambert. “METRO’s Department of Innovation is studying ground-breaking transportation technologies like bus rapid transit (BRT) and autonomous vehicle technology. We want to see how we can use these new emerging technologies to keep Houston moving, but it is also important that we hear from you.”

 Please check out METRONext, the regional transit plan we are developing. Details are on the METRONext website. Tell us what you want to see in regional public transit in the next few decades. 


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Bravo METRO! This is a wonderful effort on the part of the city's mass transportation system. What a relief for passengers who were displaced and feeling hopelessness after the catastrophic hurricane to be able to go about with some normalcy in the city. God bless all who participated and all those who  volunteered their time so unselfishly.
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 on 9/21/2017 1:20 PM

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